SUBLEVEL is an online literary magazine devoted to the nexus of literature, poetics, art, criticism, philosophy, culture, and politics. SUBLEVEL inherits and reflects the dynamism of contemporary Los Angeles as a hub of literature, art, and activism, while also stretching beyond our locality. Based in the CalArts MFA Creative Writing Program, an innovative and interdisciplinary environment dedicated to the experimental impulse in writing and thinking, SUBLEVEL is a literary publication immersed in the world of art without being in service to it. We make no hard distinctions between creative and critical enterprise, but rather celebrate writing of any kind that we find stimulating, timely, or otherwise compelling. We will publish original essays, interviews, roundtables, and other features online; there will also be an annual print component (SUBLEVEL B-sides). In time SUBLEVEL will expand in ways we can only begin to imagine.


Feature Descriptions

SESSION: A roundtable discussion bringing people from different fields into conversation.
PORTFOLIO: New writing selected from our open submissions reading period.
STUDY: A consideration of a phenomenon in art or culture.
CORRESPONDENT: A report from the field, in the form of recommendations.
EXHIBIT: A representation of a project that may or may not have taken verbal form.
STUDIO: A piece created for SUBLEVEL.
DIALOGUE: A wide-ranging conversation between two people.
L.A. LETTER: A local dispatch from Southern California.

Editorial Team

Lauren Mackler (Managing Editor)
Thomas Aguila
Ian Kappos
Noah Lemelson
Hannah Rubin
Jessica Wolford

Board of Advisors

Tisa Bryant
Brian Evenson
Douglas Kearney
Janet Sarbanes
Matias Viegener
Jon Wagner
Christine Wertheim

Sublevel #1 (Contagion)

The first issue of Sublevel was co-edited by Janice Lee and Maggie Nelson.

Thomas Aguila
Giovan Alonzi
Vanessa Baish
Rosa Boshier
Leann Lo
Alyssa Manansala
Rose Servis
Jesse VanDenKooy


SUBLEVEL is produced in conversation with EAST OF BORNEO, an online art magazine also housed at CalArts. SUBLEVEL is based in the MFA Creative Writing Program of CalArts but is not a student publication, nor does it publish the work of current students. We neither focus on faculty or alumni of CalArts nor exclude them.



Inquiries about SUBLEVEL can be addressed to sublevelmag@gmail.com.
Find us online on Twitter & Facebook (@sublevelmag).