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Inspirational Songs With Lyrics To Motivate You

Inspirational Songs with Lyrics to Motivate You

Music has a lot to offer, and at times we don’t even realise its importance. By all means, music is an art that can heal wounds created by war and can nourish the ones who spread hate. Understanding the purpose of music or a song tends to play a huge role in opening your eyes to another perspective that has the power to change you. In this manner, there are specific songs out there that can do the trick and help you get started and motivated in life. Hence, grab hold of your earphones and jam to these songs.

Let It Be, The Beatles

The Beatles were known as the pioneers of rock for a particular reason. Their god given talent also got mixed with the ability to bring out lyrics that were beyond their time. Every single member of the group had the potential to create magic through music imbibing the divine power to solve chaos. One such song from their list that can motivate you is, Let It Be. With the words of wisdom being packed, everyone can understand the flow of the artist and the main purpose behind its creation. Towards the end, the four men leave you with the hope of finding an answer.

Lose Yourself, Eminem

When it comes to motivation and struggles, there is one artist who has seen it all. Yes, we are talking about none other than Slim Shady. The man behind incredible lyrics and the ability to rhyme words, Eminem has had his share of songs that capture the epitome of struggle, leaving you with all the motivation to bounce back. The song that stands on top of his discography and tends to boast of those features is Lose Yourself. The song also went forward to become an anthem and was the only rap song to win an Oscar. Hence, go ahead and lose yourself for this one.

Eye of the Tiger, Survivor

Many individuals might be aware of Eye of the Tiger through Rocky Ⅲ, but rock fans from across the world will tell you all about the song right from its opening tune. Released in the year 1982, the song went on to become one of the biggest hits of the year. The lyrics tend to pull you forward and make you rise up to the occasion regardless of the consequences. Breaking boundaries and coming forward tends to be your purpose, and we all need to achieve the same in life.


Motivational songs should not just be another playlist that you play at the gym; instead, you need to understand its meaning and take them in the right spirit. Hence, listen to these numbers and move up in life.

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