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Top 10 Pet Grooming Companies In New Orleans

Top 10 Pet Grooming Companies In New Orleans

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New Orleans is a city primarily known for its nightlife and music, particularly jazz. Beyond that, it is a pet-friendly city with several rules that look out for their wellbeing. Dogs particularly hold a soft spot with the people of this city. Cats, hamsters, parrots, goldfish, and even lions are all kept as pets.

Top Pet Grooming Companies in New Orleans

Picture Of Pet Smart Grooming Services

With the ever-increasing population of pets, it is only natural that there are establishments which assist in the welfare of these animals.

Here is a list of the top 10 companies pet grooming companies in New Orleans;

1. Pet Smart Grooming Services

As expected, Pet Smart Grooming Services would top the list. This new pet grooming company is growing like crazy. They are a favorite because their list of services is endless. With well over 50 working staff, your pets are in good hands.

They attend to all types of pets but particularly dogs and cats. Their services include body and hair washing, hair cutting, grooming, and pet training. They even help take your pets out on long walks to fill in for you.

2. Bel Air Pet Care

If your job requires frequent travel and you can’t take your pets with you, this grooming company is for you. They have boarding facilities where your dog can spend a few days around other dogs without feeling lonely.

They also have doggy boot camp to let the dogs have a feel of the wild. All these features do not alter the regular pet grooming and cleaning.

3. Fluffy Mutt Grooming Salon

Do you feel your pet is a bit sloppy and requires training but, you can’t do it yourself? This place is the right company for you. This company specializes in pet training like how to swim, use the potty, obey instructions, etc.

Although, they also offer a lot of other services like treating your pets of parasites and bugs. They also help with special pet cream to reduce shedding.

4. Animal Care Clinic

This company is not just a grooming company, but it is also a veterinary clinic. So, you can call it a two-in-one establishment. It saves you time and money.

You know that your pet is getting all the necessary attention and care needed with qualified doctors and grooming specialists. It is not hard to see why this company is amongst the top lists.

5. The Blakemore Bark

Need a dog-sitter? This company is just right for you. On top of all their regular grooming services, they have an added perk. They babysit your pets for you while you are away. There is also the doggy daycare if you work long hours and don’t want your pet to be home alone.

Picture Of Animal Care Clinic

6. Zen Pet Retail and Grooming

They open 8 hours every day to meet the needs of your pets. This grooming company not only cares about the outward appearance of your pets but concern themselves with their diets too. They do not feed junk food but rather stick to healthy, natural, and grain-free foods to your pets. They also sell pet toys, beds, and leashes.

7. New Orleans Groomer on the Go

This company changed the game for pet grooming in New Orleans. Although they provide the same services other pet grooming do, what makes them stand out is that they are mobile.

Usually, you have to go to the pet companies. In this case, they come to you. All you do is book an appointment on their website, and they are at your front door.

8. Grooming by Lesa

You want your pet to have a complete makeover? Try this pet groomer. They pay close attention to every part of your pet- skin, hair, nails, teeth, and paws. They do a complete wash over, wash, dry, and condition the hair. The nails are trimmed and polished. The teeth are buffed and washed. Your pet looks as good as new.

9. Bubbles and Bows Grooming

One of the activities that excite pets the most is being in the open. They enjoy being allowed to play outside. Bubbles and Bows have a compound wide enough to accommodate 30 pets playing freely.

They have 15 years of experience to back them up. One of their perks is also that they handle all types of dog breeds. There have specialists who see to their proper care.

10. Quality Pet Care

Do you have a stray pet or a skittish one? This pet care is excellent for you. They handle each pet with extreme care and kindness. They not only groom the pets, but they also treat them for infection and skin diseases.

Other Important Things To Know If You Own A Pets In New Orleans

Picture Of Rules About Owning A Pets In New Orleans

New Orleans has gorgeous gardens perfect for talking long walks. It is perfectly safe to take your pet out in your spare time and enjoy the sights of these gardens.

Be careful to avoid taking your pet around Bourbon street after dark. It never bodes well for them. Too much drunk and unorganized fellows at such places.

The French quarters of New Orleans have pet-friendly hotels, shops, and parks. As long as your pet is a calm one, you have no restrictions whatsoever from entering certain places.

Places like Jackson square, however, prohibit the presence of pets of any kind. If you want to experience the area, do so without your furry friend.

The city park has a dog park your dog will enjoy. It is large and accommodating. But you have to get a pass to gain access to the place. There are quite a lot of other rules to know, but these are the most common ones where pets are concerned.

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